We use cookies files to guarantee you that using of our websites is as easy as possible. If you browse our sites, we suppose that you agree with use of cookies.


As cookie is called in HTTP protocol a little amount of data which are sent to the browser by the www server and the data is saved on user’s PC. The browser sends the data back to the server each time you visit the server. Cookies serves for differentiation of individual users, they safe user’s presets etc. Our company uses cookies mainly for the purpose of differentiation of you from other users of the web sites and so we would be able to moderate the web sites for better use. Cookies are saved on client’s side as short text files for each website. Function of cookies is defined in RFC 2965 with help of HTTP head Set-Cookie (or Set-Cookie2) and Cookie. Head Set-Cookie is sent in the response to the server and contains:


  • name ( identifier) of cookie
  • data of cookie (limited by the browser, required support at least for 4096 byte)
  • term of validity of cookie
  • domain for which is cookie valid
  • director on the server for which is cookie valid

If the browser has at least one cookie for the specific server, it sends to the specific server the head of cookie, which contains same data that the server has originally sent, with each inquiry.

Security and privacy protection, are cookies dangerous?

Cookies do not mean any danger for your  PC.

Our principles in using cookie files

Our company uses cookies for targeted advertising( AdWords, Sklik), statistic analysis of visitors’ behaviour (Google Analytics), better finding of information, e.g. data on a map, etc. In no case we try to misuse the data, we use them only for improvement of the website for users.

Do you not want to use COOKIES?

If use this website, you agree with use of cookies files. You can block or remove the Cookies files via internet browser or via software of the third party. If you do it however, it is possible that some websites may be difficult to work. Example of blocking:http://windows.microsoft.com/cs-cz/windows-vista/block-or-allow-cookies ​Příklad v​ymazání: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=cs

We use these categories of cookie files on our website:

  • Basic cookie files necessary for running the website
  • Cookie files connected with visitors, how you use the web. The data are complex and anonymous. These data are important for improvement of the website.
  • Cookie files for specific functions, e.g filling forms, preferences, choices etc.
  • Cookie files providing advertising. We would like to offer you adverts which you are interested in. It is also for analysis of advertising.

Please, be aware of the fact that cookies can be used also by the third parties. However these files are out of our control. For more information, please, contact us.

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